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Vehicle data and IT solutions for professionals, private individuals and authorities

What can we do for you?

At DBI IT, we are specialists in data and sharp IT solutions.

Everything we do aims to contribute to efficiency, quality and transparency in the Danish market for vehicles - regardless of whether you are a professional, private consumer or represent an authority.


Here are a few examples of which data you can access - we are happy to tell you about the rest


Different vehicle types


Informations per vehicle


New and used registrations in 2022


Vehicles in parc


Unique fleets


Commercial vehicles

Our products and services

We have a hand in the game right from the time a vehicle gets number plates on it for the first time and until it leaves the Danish market. No matter where in the journey you are dealing with the vehicle, we have the tools to help you move forward - with registration, research, buying, selling, fleet management and everything in between.