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The industry tool for price calculation has been developed to help the Danish car importers when calculating prices for new vehicles and options for the Danish market. The system is also an important tool for the Danish authorities.

A higher standard

All the major car importers in the country are now using when calculating prices and exchanging data with DMR, which is the vehicle register at SKAT. The reason is, among other things, that we collect data from the big car factories and have simplified the manual tasks when calculating prices. The streamlined process and the many integration features are also a way to raise the data standard across the entire vehicle industry.

Makes the co-operation in the industry easier

When new prices have been created and sent to the systems at SKAT, we help making them available to all relevant stakeholders – dealers, authorities, and partners. In that way, is contributing to ensure a resilient process and a unified standard across the industry.

Do you want to join us?

You can also have access to the site if you are an official vehicle importer. Reach out to us, if we should help you get started.