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Free look-up of license plates – for more transparency in the vehicle market

On you will find information about all vehicles which are or have been registered in Denmark. The page can be used free of charge, it has no commercials, and you don’t need to create a login. It is our contribution to create more transparency on the market for vehicles.

Check the license plate

AltOmBilen is our tool to look up license plates. You only have to enter a VIN or a registration number, and then we will show you... all about the car. You can find information about all the basics of the car including age, standard and optional equipment and various technical data, but you can also find out more about things like: The cost of periodic taxes? Is there registered debt for this vehicle? How many owners have owned the car? When is the next MOT for the car? You can also see if the car is allowed to drive in the environmental zones around the big cities – now and in the future.

Use our data – completely free of charge

We have made it easy for you to offer spot on vehicle reports on you own website. With our widget, you can easily embed our license plate look-ups, so that your users can find information about millions of vehicles.

If you prefer to offer knowledge of specific vehicles, you can use our deep links leading directly to the detailed vehicle report on AltOmBilen.

It’s free of charge.

See for your self how it works

All it takes is a license plate or a VIN