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The importers' short cut to easy registration of vehicles

All major Danish car importers use to register vehicles for the Danish consumers, and today, 99% of all passenger cars get their license plate through our system.

All types of vehicles with license plates

In order to improve the data quality in the industry and simplify the importers’ task of registration of vehicles, we have developed in close co-operation with both sector organisations and authorities. Today, the system is used for registration of everything from trailers, motorcycles, semi-trailers and mopeds – actually all vehicles with a license plate.

Developed with the industry for the industry

In co-operation with Trafikstyrelsen, Motorstyrelsen and De Danske Bilimportører among others, we have not only made the registration process more efficient, for instance by collecting technical data directly from the factories. has also made it easy for the importers of vehicles to share necessary information with important partners and authorities.

Are you also representing a vehicle importer?

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