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For more efficient fleet management

Qanto Fleet

Qanto Fleet has been developed to help companies and fleet managers make the fleet operation less difficult. We have made sure that as many tasks as possible are handled automatically, and that you will have the best possible basis to minimise your fleet costs.

Goodbye to random checks, wrong invoicing and missed deadlines

During the development of Qanto Fleet, we have focused on automation of most possible processes, so that you can spend as little time as possible on the basics.

We make sure that a large part of your vehicle data are automatically updated even when your fleet manager is taking a day off. Qanto Fleet also notifies us when we get close to deadlines and tasks needing attention – for instance notice to MOT, end of leasing period, limits for allowed km, etc.

We have also digitalised the review of your invoices to make sure that you never pay for more than agreed with your suppliers.

Developed with fleet owners for fleet owners

Qanto Fleet has been developed in co-operation with the the users for which it is intended. In that way several of the largest (and smallest!) fleet owners in the country have been a part of this from the very beginning, so that we could be sure that our development meets the requirements and matches the needs when working with fleet operations and management.

What our clients are saying

The overview we are getting is crucial for how we prioritise our fleet management tasks, and it enables us to perform these tasks with due diligence. On the main page, we can see what requires immediate attention, and that the same time the automated invoice control ensures that we are not paying for more than we have agreed to in our contracts. The structure is clear and supports us in our workflows across our various departments. It just gives you peace of mind.

Andreas M. Sørensen, Fleet Manager
Kemp & Lauritzen

What our clients are saying

The fleet management system from Qanto Fleet has turned out to be a good decision for Roskilde Kommunes Bilkontor (vehicle administration office in Roskilde municipality). After using the system for approx. 5 months, we find that our expectations for a fleet management system which is easy to use, has a good user interface, optimised and automatically updated data, and flexible usage of the completed reports in the program, have been fully met.

Søren Sommer, Fleet Manager, Roskilde Kommune

What our clients are saying

MT Højgaard uses Qanto Fleet for the administration of the entire vehicle fleet. The program not only offers the necessary overview over all the registered vehicles. It also allows us to check invoices, create follow-up-items for the individual vehicles, get an overview of deadlines for MOT, expiry of agreements, and many other things. Qanto Fleet is – in addition to my e-mail program – the first application that I open when I turn on my computer. It is an indispensable tool for me as Fleet Manager. I have also created a large number of users benefiting from Qanto Fleet where they can find relevant information regarding a vehicle, extract reports etc. In that respect this program is used across the entire company. The service I get from DBI IT is excellent. I always get a quick and polite answer.

Louise Lundstrøm Stage, Fleet Manager, MT Højgaard Danmark A/S

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